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Bulk SMS Messaging Uses

Bulk SMS messaging technology is simply used to stay connected with friends, family, customers, employees, co-workers, church members, course mates, students, pupils, parents and such like. These large groups listed above could be easily communicated for all events, seminars, meetings etc. It is easy, cheap, instant and remains the fastest means of communication.

Recent analysis revealed among others, uses of Bulk SMS:

  1. Personal Bulk SMS: Family, friends, course mates etc. will simultaneously stay connected to you through www.blossomsms.com
  2. Business Bulk SMS: Your customers could be reached when new products are out, for price changes, relocation of business premises, opening of new branch and adverts using www.blossomsms.com
  3. Religious Bulk SMS: You can reach millions of for church seminars, vigil, crusade, even as a method of evangelism.
  4. Educational Bulk SMS: Today, educational institutions and colleges can communicate with potential students, current students, teachers, alumni, administrator and employees.
  5. Advertising & Event Management Bulk SMS: Every advertiser need good results and large coverage. Branding can be easily done through Bulk SMS.
  6. Insurance Bulk SMS: With Bulk SMS, insurance companies can target customers and analyse leading edge opportunities to the success of their business.
  7. Bank Bulk SMS: Bulk SMS could connect your customers easily for deposit/withdrawal, updates to new schemes, introduction to branch openings or foreign exchange rates, issuing of cheque books etc.
  8. Media & Entertainment Industry: Bulk SMS is the best way to get your audience informed by providing every detail including news, new events and programmes by personalized SMS.
  9. Stock Brokers Bulk SMS: Customers have to be clear aware of every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, company, shares dividend & types of shares, debentures, securities, mutual funds and so much more! With almost all customers connected to mobiles rather than the internet, mobile Messaging Services such as bulk sms, is the best way to serve them.
  10. Hotels and Resorts centres - Bulk SMS opens new avenues to this industry. The information about new rates, new menus, special programs, discounts, facilities and food festivals can reach the audience using Bulk SMS.

You can see that Bulksms is very RELEVANT in everything we do.