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Change your Financial Reality, Starting with amazingly low capital.

Whatever financial needs you have, you can solve it starting from ₦9,999 while promoting good health and a wide range of goods and services. Here at Green Mondays, we want you to enjoy wealth in great health.

Green Mondays' mission is to inspire, connect and empower (ICE) people to achieve their dreams. We do these by providing an inspirational platform that connects all our stakeholders in the quest for mutual empowerment.

With as low as ₦9,999 you can start and continue a journey that helps you augment your income, send your children to amazing schools, buy your dream car and so much more. While doing all of these, Green Monday provides opportunities for companies to activate their products, and reach our ever-growing distribution channel.

Change your Financial Reality Promoting Goods and Services

At every point in time, Green Monday will allow you to use your one time entry to be a part of a mega distribution channel and platform promoting and distributing legacy brands starting from Africa and worldwide.

What you get!

Small keys open big locks, little hinges swing big doors. Many times, it's little things, that make BIG things happen!

With a token payment of ₦9,999 ($49.99) you receive:

  1. A fully integrated personalized marketing website with a members dashboard.
  2. A starter pack with a sample product for your personal consumption.
  3. Access to e-books for your personal development.
  4. A discount access to company products - Your initial payment double counts as non refundable deposit for subsequent purchase.
  5. Access to distributorship, wholesaler or retailer status for company affilliated products.
  6. Access to Real Estate Agency Opportunity.
  7. Access to Richlife Reseller Opportunity.
  8. Access to Travel Agency Opportunity.
  9. ICE - Inspiration, Connections and Empowerment. This is priceless!

This is more value than you paid for, but it's all just getting started.

With this little investment of N9,999 ($49.99) you are well on your way to achieving a lot of possibilities. You can augment your income, enjoy your dream vacation, acquire a brand new laptop, pay your rent, buy your dream car, or simply grow capital to do bigger business.

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