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Whoever said money does not solve problems is being dubious. Whoever says money cannot buy happiness, does not know where to shop. It is true that wealthy people are not always happy, but it is also true that if you can have less problems to solve, and less money worries, your life will be much happier.

At helping lives, we don't pay lip service to helping people, we actually do! Our formula for helping lives is basically increasing the number of entrepreneurs in our environment. We understand that a 1% increase in entrepreneurial activity reduces poverty by 2%. We understand that the first and most consistent way to helping people, is ensure we take ourselves out of the list of those needing help. That is why with the Helping Lives Initiative, what we really do is empower people, starting from as low as ₦3,000 so they can gain access to life and health transforming products and help them reach the top by becoming millionaires.

Everytime we create a millionaire, we fund an initiative to get Children back to school - we literally pay for the school fees of 6 children. We also fund an initiative to help market women get their groove back. We give them non collaterized loans, and train them weekly on life skills to grow their businesses and be able to support their children and families.


In just 2 years of operations, we have created over 90 millionaires, supported over 600 women and men with loans and enlightenment education to build their businesses.

In Helping LIVES - Making Money is Something to be proud of, as when you make money you also make a difference.

Imagine spending N3,000 today and turning it into N1,000,000 in less than 4 months, and because the company rewards you with re-entries every step of the way, you can repeat this over and over again a few times in a year.

Join the TRAIN… It has happened before and it's happening again… Helping LIVES, Together we Change the World Positively!

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If you like the idea of earning ₦1MILLION PLUS, you're welcome to take advantage of our Loyalty Reward Scheme.